20 American House Styles: Your Official House Hunting Guide from ARK Realty

Discover Home with Heart: A Guide to American House Styles

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to American house styles. Whether you’re new to the house-hunting journey or a seasoned home buyer, understanding different architectural styles can often be an enlightening and enjoyable part of the process.

At ARK Realty, we appreciate each house style’s unique charm and characteristic features. This energizing mix of history and architectural design is embedded within our communities, shaping their character and identity.

Embarking on Your Home-Buying Adventure

There’s something magical about hunting for your perfect home and encountering a range of house styles, each harking back to a distinctive historical period or representing a modern architectural trend. Knowing these styles equips you to make informed decisions and appreciate your local community’s diversity of homes.

Discover the American House Styles

  1. Duplex: Shared walls but separate living spaces, duplexes offer a great combination of community living and privacy, popular in more densely-populated regions.

2. Tudor: With their steeply pitched roofs, distinct half-timbering, and embellished doorways, Tudor-style houses create a romantic, medieval atmosphere.

tudor style

3. Brownstone: Named for the building material, these homes have a classic city vibe, are filled with a sense of history, and are rich in community spirit.


4. A-Frame: The A-frame houses, named for their peaky, sloping roofs, form a unique, lightweight structure and are particularly popular in snowy regions.


5. Cape Cod: Simplicity and a familial vibe are the hallmarks of the symmetrical, one-to-one-and-a-half-story Cape Cod homes.

Cape Cod

6. American Colonial: With roots in the 17th century, these homes reflect our nation’s beginnings and are often furnished with a grand entrance and evenly spaced, shuttered windows.

American Colonial

7. American Craftsman: These homes emphasize natural materials and hand craftsmanship and are noted for their detailed woodwork and high-quality design.

American Craftsman

8. Farmhouse: Built to be functional with large porches and upstairs dormer windows, Farmhouses exude a rural charm while providing spacious residential living.


9. Modern Farmhouse: Combining contemporary clean lines and rustic elements, the modern farmhouse delivers comfort with an up-to-date design.

modern farmhouse

10. Georgian: Originally popular in the 1700s, Georgian homes are characterized by strict symmetry in size and shape, making them an icon of refinement and balance.


11. Gothic Revival: Embodying aesthetics from the medieval period, Gothic Revival includes pointed-arch windows and complex wooden trim.

Gothic revival

12. Mid-Century Modern: Celebrating modern notions, these homes feature clean lines, large windows, and integration with nature – a perfect blend of style and function.

midcentury modern

13. Neoclassical: Rich with columns and a symmetrical design, Neoclassical houses reflect the principles of Greek and Roman architecture.


14. Queen Anne: Known for their ornate detailing, wrap-around porches, and intricate wooden features, Queen Anne’s styles showcase an architectural extravaganza.

queen anne

15. Ranch: Embodying simplicity and functionality, Ranch houses are single-story homes with an open-plan layout, suitable for the ease of one-floor living.


16. Rowhouse: Made for city living, Row Houses are connected, bringing close-knit community living to urban spaces.


17. Spanish Revival: With red-tile roofs and white stucco walls, the Spanish Revival style blends function with aesthetics, offering a distinctive style.

Spanish revival

18. Storybook: Embodying whimsy and charm, Storybook homes often resemble quaint cottages from beloved fairy tales, adding a touch of magic to any neighborhood.


19. Tudor Revival: These homes combine the medieval and the modern; they echo the Tudor style on a larger scale, complete with characteristic half-timbering.

tudor revival

20. Victorian: Victorian homes are known for their decorative trim, multi-faceted rooflines, and bright colors. They are joyful expressions of individualism and historic charm.


Remember, the best home style is one that captures your heart. Whether it’s a Cottage’s charm or a Ranch’s clean lines, ARK Realty is here to help you find your dream home within our shared community. Happy house hunting!

Your Practical House Hunting Guide

To assist you in identifying these styles while exploring potential homes in the market, consider these practical tips:

  • Create a checklist marking the distinctive features of each style.
  • Bear in mind the geographic popularity of some styles.
  • Observe the architectural elements such as roofs, windows, and facades.

Also, immerse yourself in how integrating these different architectural styles uplifts the local community’s character.

Conclusion: Reflect on Your Tastes

We’ve journeyed through the charming avenues of American house styles, each reflecting an era, trend, or lifestyle in architectural design. We hope you feel better equipped to identify and appreciate these styles during your house-hunting journey.

Evaluate which house style resonates most with your personal tastes and community values. Which architectural facade makes your heart skip a beat? The answer could guide you to your dream home.

At ARK Realty, we are always here to help you navigate the local real estate market. Feel free to browse our current listings or contact us directly for personalized assistance.

Knowledge is power when it comes to home buying. Why not share this guide with fellow house hunters or real estate specialists? Or comment below with your preferred house style; we would love to hear from you!

This is your official house-hunting guide; enjoy the ride!