Benefits of Moving to Crawford County Ohio

Crawford County Ohio has long been considered the Bratwurst Capital of America with its German Roots and Carle’s Bratwurst headquarters, but the area has a lot of great things to offer for someone moving to the area. With small towns and a rural feel while being a center point between larger Ohio cities, it’s a convenient spot for someone looking to settle down with a family or spend their retired years.

The county as a whole has just over 42,000 residents with most of them being found in Bucyrus and Galion. Both of these small towns have been focusing on rebuilding small businesses and finding new opportunities for community events. With Bucyrus having First Friday and Galion having Third Friday, it has given the businesses a new way to connect with residents. Both towns are opening new parks and recreational areas and making updates to long-standing parks. Schools come by no shortage with six public school districts and several religion-based districts within the county. Each school offers standard education, sport teams, and extra-curricular clubs. North Central State College offers secondary education classes in Bucyrus as well.

The area offers 5 main industrial employers, and has many local businesses based employment opportunities. With Avita Health Systems moving into the Crawford County Healthcare sector has opened a large job field with high demand. The average household income sits roughly around $42,000 a year. The cost of living is considered to be low on the Niche Living Scale. The low cost of living creates an ideal living area for middle-class Americans. Most Crawford County Residents own their home, but renting is not uncommon within the county either. Home prices are on average about half of the national median sale price while rental options are in the 75% cost percentile when comparing to the national percentile.

Crawford County offers a strong justice system that had drastically reduced the crime rate in the last 5 years. Violent crimes and property crimes are both now rated B on an A-F scale. Within those 5 years, the county has also seen an influx in older population, and an increase of residents with a college education. With the communities looking to find new commerce and building opportunities, it is expected that the positive trend will be continued through the next 5 years and beyond.

Moving to Crawford County offers a lot of benefits to any family or individual. With job opportunities, community engagement, and plenty of ways to enjoy what is to offer there is truly something for anyone. Ark Realty wants to help you find a home or property in Crawford County where you can call home and thrive along with the growth.