School Systems of Ashland and Bucyrus

A major piece of information that goes into the decision to move to a new place is the education system that is in place at your possible new location. Luckily, in ARK Realty’s listing location, there are plenty of high-quality schooling options for you and your family!

In Bucyrus, depending on where you live, there are multiple schooling options. The main school district within the city is Bucyrus City School District, which educates many of the K-12 students in the town. However, some families in Bucyrus may also choose to send their children to either Colonel Crawford Schools or Wynford Schools. No matter, which route you take your children can get a quality education from any of these options available in the Bucyrus area.

In Ashland, there is only one main option, at least in the public system and that is the Ashland Public School District. This system is quite large and operates 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school to ensure a comprehensive education experience for all students. Along with the Public system, there are multiple private schools, such as St. Edward Catholic School.

These cities also both offer easy-to-access post-secondary education. Many residents of Bucyrus end of at nearby Tiffin to attend Tiffin University or Heidelberg or they may choose instead to continue their education at North Central State College in Mansfield. On the other hand, Ashland residents don’t have to travel far at all as there is a wonderful university, Ashland University, located right in the heart of the city!

If you are considering moving to the Ashland or Bucyrus area, let ARK Realty help you find the right home for you and visit their current listings here!