The Best Time to Buy is Now!

New year, new home, right? Well, that may not have seemed possible in 2021, but it sure is in 2022! If you’ve been on the hunt for your dream home, you might be in luck. In a recent article, Quicken Loans stated that the winter months present “potential cost-saving opportunities” for buyers. We would have to agree! There are a few reasons for this, some more obvious than others.

The first and most obvious reason, buying in the winter saves money. Many people find it more pleasant to look at homes in the summer. Restaurant attendance and retail sales are lowest at the beginning of the year, so most other activities, especially those that include being outside, decrease in attendance as well, house-hunting being one of them. This means you won’t have as much competition, and it’s likely there won’t be a fierce bidding war for the home you want.

Another reason it is beneficial to buy in January is that sellers are typically itching to get their homes off the market this time of year. Because it’s the beginning of 2022, there won’t be as many new listings compared to, say, June or July, when there are the most listings. So, the homes that are listed have been on the market for longer than most sellers would like. Your seller will probably take a much lower offer than they normally would because of this. And, the longer a home is on the market, the lower the price is, statistically.

So, if you haven’t considered taking a peek at what January has to offer yet, now’s the time! Check out our listings in Ashland, Bucyrus, and surrounding areas here. Like what you see? Get in touch with a realtor and call (419) 617-7342.