Top Attractions of Ashland County

If you are feeling wary about moving to North Central Ohio because of the towns being a bit smaller than you may be used to and you are worried there may not be as much to do, don’t worry! There are plenty of hidden gem attractions and something for everyone to do in Ashland County. Here’s just a small selection of popular things to do for locals and out-of-towners alike!

Ashland Balloonfest: This summer festival is a favorite of tourists and people that have lived in Ashland their whole lives! Hot Air Balloons from across the country descend and then lift off from Freer Field to the delight of people of all ages. This festival also includes delicious food, live music, shows and other entertainment options throughout the duration!

Mohican-Memorial State Forest: Just a short drive away from the city of Ashland, this 4,525 acre forest is the third most popular tourist destination in the state of Ohio. It includes hiking opportunities with immaculate views, fire towers and a shrine dedicated to Ohio citizens that lost their lives fighting in foreign conflicts.

The Arts: If you aren’t outdoorsy and prefer to immerse yourself in the arts, you can also do that in Ashland! The city has a wide range of arts and entertainment opportunities such as the Ashland Symphony Orchestra, the Ashland Regional Ballet or visiting Kelley’s Vinyl to pick out some great vinyl records. Ashland University also provides multiple entertainment options open to the general public like the Coburn Art Gallery, featuring work from the students at AU, or the many productions that they put on at the Hugo Young Theatre!

No matter what you are looking for Ashland County has entertainment options for you to see more visit

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