Does a Pool Really Increase Property Value?

As we reach higher temperatures in July, there is no question that the demand for swimming pools is steadily increasing. Swimming is a popular summer activity, so pools are an equally popular home attribute, and many potential homeowners will not buy a house without one. However, there has been some talk about pools and their potential to increase property value; some critics say they are not worthwhile investments. Read on as we uncover the truth.

Location Matters

Ohio weather can be highly unpredictable, which affects the duration of available pool time. We can typically only get good use out of pools in the summer, so this will be the best time to sell your poolside home.

The Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has inspired us to value our private space more than usual, so buyers are more likely to prioritize home additions that were once considered luxuries. Pools can increase your home’s value by 8%, but add in the effects of the pandemic, and you may see this number rise.

Pool Use

Depending on the type of pool you purchase, it may need extensive maintenance. At the very least, pools will need care annually. If you do not use the pool yourself, it may not be a worthy investment due to repair expenses. However, it is possible that your house is more likely to sell if you have a pool, so if you plan to use it regardless, buying one is not a bad idea.

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