Moving to Richland County

Richland County, Ohio has become one of the quickest growing economic areas in the last few years. With communities like Mansfield, Lexington, and Shelby shifting focus to the growth of small businesses Richland County is having lots of business open and established ones are expanding. With being a center point between Cleveland and Columbus there is a lot of opportunity for families and business people alike.

Richland County has a population of just over 120,000. The population is composed of prominently homeowners and citizens who identify as conservatives. While a large portion of residents own there home, the rent for Richland County properties is far below the national median sitting around $650 monthly. Attractions like Snow Trails, B & O Bike Trail, Malabar Farm, Mohican State Park, and the Mansfield Carousel District all call the county home. There is a branch of The Ohio State University, as well as North Central State College, Madison Adult Career Center and Pioneer Career and Technical Center creating expanded educational opportunities for residents. There are many community events such as Mansfield’s Final Fridays, Shelby Bicycle Days, and Lexington Blueberry Festival for all ages to enjoy.

OhioHealth Mansfield Hosptial, Catalyst Life Services, and Jay Industries are three of the area’s leading employers with Gorman-Rupp, Hi-Point Firearms, and NextGen films being at the top of the list as well. With the recent inflation of business growth as well as these long term employers, Richland County was awarded a B (on an A-F scale) from for employment opportunities. The cost of living is lower than the national average, so the average household income of $44k a year makes for comfortable living.

There are a plethora of public and private schools for students to attend with each city, town, and village having their own district for the most part. There are a large number of private religious-based schooling options such as St. Peter’s and Mansfield Christian School. Alternative Education Centers for youth that have been in trouble or need extra guidance. The area was rated as a mid-range C for crime, although strong efforts are being made to reduce the crime rate. National Median Crime rate for 2018 was rated as a 4, which puts Richland County’s 4.2 just above the average.

Whether you are an individual, family, or retiree Richland County is sure to have an area suit for the property you are looking for. From ranches farmhouses in the rolling hills to city neighborhoods and small towns Ark Realty wants to help you find the perfect Richland County property to call home. Our agents have deep rooted local roots and can help you focus in on a city, town, or village that best fits your lifestyle. For more about homes in Richland County, visit our office listings.